Though everyone loves their office time and socialising time, what do we crave for the most? We crave for some alone time in the bedroom because it is the best place to rejuvenate and it is also a place which unleashes a spiritual side of us. What makes being in the bedroom more interesting is you get to read, plan and visualise  and do all the things which excite you. For your work to get done easier, it is better that you have the room tidy and have some great lighting.

Here are a few tips for having better lighting for your bedroom.

All of us have different tastes and the lighting can be done depending on your taste. Whatever we do in this world is just an extension to our personality. You can do up your lighting aesthetically or dramatically or just stick to basics.

Ambient lighting


With ambient lighting, there is always a comfortable level of brightness in the room. Ambient lighting allows you to do your daily tasks like cleaning and dusting with perfect clarity.  There are two ways to accomplish ambient lighting. One is through natural lighting and the other is through artificial lighting.  Natural lights come through windows and sky lights where as artificial lighting can be done through chandeliers and pendant lights.

Task Lighting

If you want to make reading, writing, plan tasking and composing more enjoyable, consider using task lighting. Scones and bedside table lamps are ways to get great task lighting in your room. The one major thing that task lighting does is help you focus better on the task and make you believe that all work can be accomplished in your well planned bedroom.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting helps bring out the creative side in you. With this kind of lighting, you get to highlight the artwork and home décor in your room. It is meant to focus lighting on a particular area to bring out the beauty of the art in that area and create a magical atmosphere in your room. This is in fact a great way show off your vintage collections. You can use flood lights, scones, and recessed lights to establish accent lighting.


The other kinds of lighting helps you do all your important work and chores whereas dim lighting calms you down, relaxes you and helps to sleep. You can lower the brightness of dimmers by changing the voltage waveform.

The things to remember

The lighting of the room can actually affect the way you function.  Almost everything depends on the bulb’s intensity and the colour it emits.

For beginners, the lumens range from 2000 to 4000. If you want to control the lights and their brightness, spending on dimmers is never a bad idea. The colors, blue and white, help in completing tasks and lighter colours are good for activities like reading and writing.