Chandeliers were and have been a staple piece when it comes to lighting up your house. With its beautiful ornate designs, there were once meant to hold candles. Today, they continue to be a crucial part of home décor.

Schonbek Chandeliers are synonymous with luxury and aesthetically pleasing handcrafted lighting solutions. With them being all the rage right now, let’s find out


Schonbek Chandelier Review cannot be complete without delving a little bit into the history of the brand.

Here’s what you need to know:

Adolph Schonbek founded A. Schonbek & Co. all the way back in 1870. To pursue this, he left his job at his grandfather’s glassworks. That was the beginning of a successful international business.

Now that your brief history lesson is over, let’s find out what sets Schonbek Chandeliers apart from the rest:

The most striking feature of each Schonbek Chandelier is that they are handcrafted.

Yes, that’s right. In an age of mass production and retail, Schonbek Chandeliers are made by hand.

Every chandelier is custom made. The timeless designs sure make it easy to understand their popularity with classic and contemporary décor lovers.

It looks like we’ve laid down a solid foundation

Let’s begin our Schonbek Chandelier Review

How is the craftsmanship?

First things first, when it comes to buying a chandelier for your space, you need to look for a good quality lighting solution. Schonbek Chandeliers are featured in the White House and the Buckingham Palace. So, if you want to feel like royalty, this is the only chandelier you’ll ever need. Since these chandeliers are handcrafted and made to order, every piece is scrutinized for the tiniest flaw ensuring only premium quality chandeliers reach you.

Is it available in different styles?

Schonbek isn’t one of those brands that make just one type of chandelier. Their style is so versatile that no matter how eclectic your taste may be, you will find a chandelier to suit it. Whether a crystal chandelier catches your fancy or a traditional one, Schonbek caters to everyone.  Go home with Schonbek’s Century 4 Light Crystal if crystal catches your fancy or give Schonbek Trilliane a try for a more traditional look.

  • Schonbek-5875-Trilliane-75-Light-Chandelier
    Schonbek 5875 Trilliane 75 Light Chandelier
  • schonbek century 4 light crystal chandelier
    schonbek century 4 light crystal chandelier


Can it be used as a statement piece?

With a Schonbek chandelier, you never have to worry about glamming up your house. It is most definitely a conversation starter and will have your family and guests in awe of its beauty. The Schonbek Century Collection is a fine testament to that.

Is it available in different finishes?

This customizable chandelier can be ordered in several different finishes namely Aurelia, Polished Silver, Heirloom Gold, Antique Silver and Black Pearl. The sheer number of choices allow for a truly unique chandelier.


  • Antique Silver Schonbek Chandelier
  • Black Pearl Chandelier
  • Aurelia Gold Schonbek century
    Swarovski Schonbek century1


Can you install it anywhere in your house?

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, chandeliers can adorn the ceilings of your living room and dining room as well as bedrooms, baths, and vanity rooms. Of course, there are different considerations for individual rooms, but the Schonbek chandeliers are versatile.

Can you shop for them by collection?

Absolutely. Schonbek Chandeliers have collections or as they like to call it ‘family’ of chandeliers that speaks to different eras and themes. Olde World, Plaza, and Quantum are just the tip of the iceberg. There are several collections for you to choose from to brighten up your space.

Is it heavy?

Chandeliers have to be suspended from the ceiling and an unusually heavy one can put quite a strain on the rod and installation can become quite tricky. Schonbek Chandeliers look exquisite without being too heavy. That makes the installation easy and quick.

Is it a good investment?

Anything that you purchase for your home needs to remain relevant over the next few years. There’s no point hopping on some trend that gives way to some new idea. The timelessness of the Schonbek Chandeliers guarantees that they will continue to shine bright like diamonds on your ceiling.

What do the customers have to say?

One can go on and on about these fantastic chandeliers but let’s see what buyers have to say in their Schonbek Chandelier Review:

Moshe says, “The price was unreal and its worth double the money.”

Pete says, “Schonbeck is known for the highest quality crystal chandeliers used in the White House and Buckingham Palace, and I can see why. The handcrafted quality is amazing! This will be a fixture that makes my every move and handed down to my children. A one of a kind that is a real conversation piece.”

Chloe says, “Simple, yet a showstopper. Crystals are clear and have beautiful multifaceted prisms that make such a simple piece dazzle. Highly recommend the dimmer switch.

Let’s have a closer look at some of their collections:


A multi layered and star shaped chandelier; the Jubilee family boasts of being built entirely out of glass and crystal. It resembles icicles and frosted waterfalls cascading in your lovely space.

La Scala:

These chandeliers are reminiscent of the 16th century Rocco chandeliers. Complete with soft curves and leafy designs, La Scala goes all out trying to emulate nature.


A contemporary spin on traditional chandeliers, Lucia makes for a jaw dropping chandelier with its chiseled cups and elegant frame. The drops and garlands are stunning and scream luxury.


Want to make a statement with your chandelier? The Matrix is perfect for that. Crystals clusters hang off of geometric shapes and give your space that X factor it’s been missing. Pair them or use it alone to draw attention to your décor.

So, is it worth it?

Yes. And, you should get one today. Schonbek Chandeliers are made to perfection, and you can have them all over your house. Whether you have a small apartment or a huge mansion, the Schonbek Chandeliers are a perfect fit for every space.