Lighting Your Bedroom – Ideas, Tips and Advice

Tips & Ideas

April 17, 2018

Though everyone loves their office time and socialising time, what do we crave for the most? We crave for some alone...

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Free In-House Consultation

Interior Design

September 9, 2017

Alex Dee Lighting offers a FREE in- house consultation for any type of project you may be doing or planning, whether it...

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The Amazing Benefits of Changing To LED Light Bulbs

LED Lighting, Tips & Ideas

September 8, 2017

The new LED light bulbs are now readily available and very closely resemble the incandescent light bulbs that we all...

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Maximizing your comfort with ceiling fans


September 1, 2017

We offer most major brands of ceiling fans.  All of our manufacturers take pride in high-performance design driven...

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Attaching Mini Chandeliers To Any Light Kit Ceiling Fan

Chandeliers, Fans, Featured

April 18, 2017

The fan industry has fallen short of late as it relates to the styles of the light kits that they are offering.  With...

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